Friday, July 31, 2009

UX my latest interest

The world of UX is truly mesmerizing. I have been defining software products over for many years, especially in the enterprise domain. But, the innovations being brought by web 2.0 client-side technologies are changing the face of UX design. In fact, UX designers are the product and brand managers of the past merged into one with an additional responsibility of actually executing on the visual aspects using widely available tools.

In last couple of months, I have found great tools to give effect to my UX visualizations ranging from firefox plugins like Pencil Project, Powerpoint to using Jquery and its plugins. The journey gets more and more interesting as I get better with the tools available.

Amongst the IT professionals, traditionally, client side functions have been treated with disdain by the server side guys. In recent years this paradigm has been turned on its head with a new found realization in businesses that in the Internet world UX is what makes or breaks a service or product.

It is great to be building a service and picking up skills on the way. The journey is great and with the end result looking more promising with each day, i couldn't have asked for more.