Friday, August 20, 2010


Do you know which company has this as their 1800 number ? It is incredible to see a vision run so deeply into a company. Right from taking on CRM as the ticker symbol to this number as the customer support number, it communicates a fanatical pursuit of vision. When coupled with fantastic technical and business execution, these steps create religious fervor in employees and  mortal fear in competition.

An achievable binding vision set by a credible leader is worth its weight in gold. Salesforce continues to amaze me with its bold moves. The ability to drive a large organization with such optimisim in a highly complex technology environment takes a lot of courage. There seems to be a healthy skepticism for the word "impossible" at Salesforce.

I am looking forward to other bold moves by Salesforce to further encourage adoption of their platform. Spring partnership certainly addresses the Java application platform issue to a great degree. But every application and application developer has been using relational databases especially Oracle for a long time now and is likely to resist moving to Salesforce PaaS for generic applications as it has a different datastore. Same goes for Google App Engine. The most likely applications, in the current form, will be extensions/customizations around Salesforce data.

PaaS providers face this problem. IaaS providers like Amazon have a complete suite of offerings around traditional RDBMS products sand are seeing a quicker adoption of their services. It is critical that PaaS providers make it easier for people to port their current applications to PaaS provider without too much rework. Right now PaaS providers are hoping that new applications that are developed will be developed on their platform. This strategy may work but may not achieve critical mass of usage fast enough.

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