Monday, January 26, 2015



Moments last forever.
Decades pass in a jiffy.
Light memories from long back linger and live
Heaviness from yesterday is distant. Forgotten.
Time sails. It comes back in waves.
Out of order. Scattered and frothy.
A song, presque vu - words fail.
A tune, circling the vocal chords. Elusive. Slippery.
An ache, a tug, felt in the heart. Mind rummages for the root.
Cause trying to catch up with the effect.
Out of order. But not out of order
Galaxies chide glaciers to slow down. Why the glacial haste? 
Reason, in vain, tries to bound experience
Some battles won. Pride, but little joy
War not. War is experienced; not won or lost
Expression is experience. Experience is expression
All a storm in a teacup

-Vijay Ganti


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Shakuni said...

Thanks Patriot010.... It is an interesting theme that completely blows me away. Linearity is an education induced illusion/delusion.