Sunday, November 30, 2008

are there any sleepers left behind?

The biggest fear that I have is that, we seem to have so little clue on how and what exactly happened before the terrorists started the massacre. How do we know there were just a handful of them that came in boats ? Is it possible that there were possibly scores or even hundreds of trained terrorists that came on boats, a bulk of them vanished into their local hideouts, and only a handful carried out this first attack. What if a majority of them actually are waiting in their hideouts to carry out similar attacks in Mumbai and other parts, as part of a series of attacks.

Apart from the confessions from one captured terrorist, what are the forensic or investigative tools that are being used by our investigative agencies to confirm these fears.

It is really ironical that India with so much technology talent hasn't been able to harness its talent to provide the security apparatus with the necessary means of carrying out this kind of investigation. A theme worth investigating is getting a list of capabilities that more sophisticated intelligence agencies have in the world and compare them with those in India. Terrorism is now recognized as a global problem and no country that is at the receiving end of it should balk at cooperation from each other. A transnational problem requires a transnational counter.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Because." says Ishaan.

Of late, Ishaan (my almost 4 year old) has started to respond to my questions in a very peculiar way. If I ask him a question of the "why did you do this or why do you say that" his response is often just a single word - Because.

It took me a while to realize that my wait for a completion of the sentence was in vain. In his mind "because" has morphed into an expression that captures all reasons that are still lacking words. Or it probably is synonymous with "just like that" but with a tad more seriousness and surety.

I am curious to find how other four year olds respond to questions that they have no obvious answer to.