Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Because." says Ishaan.

Of late, Ishaan (my almost 4 year old) has started to respond to my questions in a very peculiar way. If I ask him a question of the "why did you do this or why do you say that" his response is often just a single word - Because.

It took me a while to realize that my wait for a completion of the sentence was in vain. In his mind "because" has morphed into an expression that captures all reasons that are still lacking words. Or it probably is synonymous with "just like that" but with a tad more seriousness and surety.

I am curious to find how other four year olds respond to questions that they have no obvious answer to.


Puneet said...

that or he has heard that word so often that it has stuck as the answer to any question posed...nevertheless, quite hilarious

Vijay Ganti said...


Ishaan has answers for most of the questions where because is followed by an adult like reason. In only some cases he stops at with "because". it is really hard to capture the comedy of the situation in words. It comes out unexpectedly with a tone and an expression that just changes the whole mood. great fun !!

you can tell - i am a doting dad.