Thursday, August 21, 2008

obama or mccain ?

We elect Presidents for a 4 year term not coronate monarchs for life in democracies. It is time that Americans take a dispassionate, not indifferent, approach to elections. The masses, that includes most of us, are whipped into a state of frenzy by inherently biased media, making us believe that these are defining times in our history and who we elect as President will effect the generations ahead of us and put is in an irreversible path to doom or prosperity. When was the last time you heard a presidential nominee or media say that this time is insignificant or less significant than any other. Sure there are problems and opportunities today as there were yesterday and day before that.

When i say our media is biased, I don't mean that it is biased in any specific direction but it is biased to ensure that they generate viewership by creating drama.We love drama and the media knows it. While that is great in many ways (who can feel bad about drama as an art form), it starts to get tricky when drama is mixed with news. It creates a heady concoction, the effects of which are unpredictable.

I was actually shaken out of this stupor by a wise professor of mine (Deb Chats as we fondly call him) who gently rebuked me when i told him that these are consequential times unlike any other time in my life. He probed me on why i thought that way and gradually i started to realize the emptiness of that statement. It was a statement of assertion which did not emanate out of experience or careful thought but just was a creation of churn induced by too much media exposure .

I have started to call these thoughts "bubbles" The analogy is appropriate as bubbles are on the surface, thin, fragile, by-product of churn in the water and are full of air!

If we are calm and composed now - Obama or McCain ?


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