Thursday, August 15, 2013

My unabashed love for what I market...

As I have trotted the globe (from Auckland to Long Beach), visiting EMC OnDemand customers and prospects, I couldn’t help but get inspired by the poetic resonance that customers felt with the EMC OnDemand value proposition.  In one of those empty moments, after a nightcap on a lazy Saturday, I instinctively reached for my pen and it flowed thus….    
Easier, faster, better – An Ode to EMC OnDemand

IT is saddled with ECM shelf-ware
There are many reasons, and then some more
The tale begins now, so be aware
This will all but shake you to the core

‘tis not me but Forrester’s tone
Pray but why the users ignore
Implementations are unstable, users moan
Making application usage a hated chore

What you don’t know can’t hurt you, say the wise
Never was this more wrong than now
Expertise, my friend, is what IT needs, surprise surprise!
If you want your business to lead the Dow

Get the spring in your step, swagger and command
Acquire IT agility with EMC OnDemand

If any of the following are true -
1.       You liked the sonnet
2.       You liked the attempt but think that you can help with the iambic pentameter
3.       You like many other are excited  by EMC OnDemand’s value proposition
Reach out to me here or through the comments below. 

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